Well that felt like a very long winter, if you have seen our social media you will see that we didn’t relax over the winter period.

 In fact I might have to go back through our Instagram just to make a get it right with what we have been up to!!

 So, firstly at the end of last year we got 3 new pods, Southern, Atlantic and Pacific, I may have to change the names on those so that they fit our flower theme, but as and when! All 3 have a lovely king size bed, tea and coffee making facilities, a little mini fridge, which has made me want to get fridges for the old girls, Poppy and Sweet Pea, a tv/dvd player, but the tv doesn’t work, they don’t have ariels, but we have a huge amount of dvds in the lounge so you will have something to watch!

Oh and the best news for those with pooches, is that we allow dogs in Southern, so your dog can glamp too!


What else, oh we got a new static caravan, The Manor started to look really tired by the end of the year and I just felt embarrassed letting it out, so back in March we got a new swit woo one, she looks ever so posh, I call her Ron because her name is Burgundy!!!


We spent lots of family time together, mostly sitting in the van at Marine Drive drinking coffee and eating! Esme did join me for a few of the walks that I did, I was walking for Breast Cancer in October 100 miles and Motor Neurones Disease in January 15,000 steps a day, my favourite walk was from here, over to Lee Bay, over Morte point and down into Woolacombe back home, just over 10 miles, but the views were gorgeous, a walk I have never done before.


I must tell you about the exciting addition to the shop, we now have fresh organic milk from cows who live in Georgeham just 10 minutes from us, and the best bit it is completely plastic free, it is delivered to us in a 12 gallon jug, where it is then put in our counter fridge machine and you pop your bottle underneath and fill it yourself, so if you use refill milk at home don’t forget to bring your bottle, or any travel bottle.


I think that is everything, no no it isn’t, we have a new warden on site, when you arrive on site you will see a little vintage campervan, and these are our wardens Pat and Charlie and their dog Rowan, they are a lovely couple and already have been a huge help to us on site.


All the things I forgot,

New branding SLEEPING UNDER THE STARS you may have spotted that on the website,

New Logo, also on the website,

New uniform,

New merchandise, mugs, tea towels, postcards,

New fridges for the shop,

More ducks,

New signs up

New septic tank, bigger and fancier

Oh and after all of that I got 2 more grey hairs and another wrinkle!!!