Well as we wave goodbye to summer, am I going to miss it?

Not this year, this year has been tough and it has really made us question why we are doing this!

We have had some real testing times this year, from fridges blowing up, to toilets being pulled up and spun around, if you follow me on social media you will have seen the footage of that, to blocked drains, side note, knickers, nappies and wet wipes block drains, then the most crazy people parking on our front grass to walk to the beach, hence the big boulders now on the grass!

However we have had our amazing regulars and some lovely newbies, that have discovered us, and it’s these people that keep us going, that bring the smiles to our faces and make us laugh when we really need it.

We take the rough craziness and we learn from it, for example playing electric hook up Tetris is the most stressful game I have to play, I hate it, pitching people and making sure they are where they want to be, is so hard, however this year I discovered less is more, so booking out less electric pitches gives me more to play with and suddenly opens up a pitch for that last minute camper, win win!

The stress of the bell tents in the wind, these beauties always stand firm and have never blown down, but there is always that guy rope that gives or a tent peg pings, and so, well we just got rid of them, that’s it they are gone forever, and we are replacing them with pods, a solid structure that doesn’t cave in the wind and can be let from March to October, another win, I will should be getting trophies for all these wins!!

What else did we learn? We learnt that we cannot not do this all on our own, the 4 of us running a business this size is too much and next year we are going to get help in, whether that’s someone to clean the toilets and showers or the glamping, we don’t know yet, but we have to do something

I want to focus on the positives though, and the take away, well this has had to be one of our busiest summers ever for take away, I have never spent so much time in the kitchen helping Mum out, and bless her, her trying to keep up with the flow of pasties, she just couldn’t cook them fast enough!

And the shop, you guys are incredible I have had the best feed back about the shop (apart from the disrespectful ones that thought it was okay to have a supermarket delivery, that is a big no no!) and it just made me realise that what I was doing was right, buying local and supporting other local family business’s especially those cakes, I couldn’t get them in quick enough, and if you are missing them, you can buy them online directly from Bake and Brew, they are online!

 The ethos in our shop is to be as plastic free and as sustainable as possible, and you guys have embraced it, I only had a few people ask me for plastic bottles of drink, and a few disappointed children because the sweet and chocolate selection is so small,  at one point I couldn’t get stock in fast enough, I was selling out of bamboo toothbrushes and beeswax wraps!  I am hoping at some point in the future I can get a bigger shop and stock more and more products!

All in all it has been a good summer, but I’m not going to lie, I am really enjoying this more chilled out period we are having, it means I can now get my haircut, get to the dentist and of course get more tattoos!!! I mean spend quality time with the kids, of course they are my priority!!!

Keep up to date with all the goings on on our social media, we will be out and about enjoying this amazing area, giving you ideas on what you should be doing when you come down.