Reusable Snack Pouch, Machine Washable, Flower Print


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Sandwich wrap, Reusable snack pouch, eco friendly, machine washable, FOODSAFE eco lining with no PBA or harsh chemicals.

Wrap all kinds of food, half an avocado, bap, roll, sandwich etc, transport food etc. Use these Reusable & machine washable food wraps to replace long film in lunch boxes.

The overall size is approx 10cm x 11cm, big enough for a rice cake, couple of biscuits, chopped carrots.

If you are looking to ditch single use plastic in your lunch, you won’t be disappointed, so easy to wash, wipe over with a damp cloth every day and at the end of the week velcro the corners together (it stops socks sticking to it!) and pop in your washing machine!

Handmade with love and care at Little Roadway.

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