North Devon Soap, Lemon, Lime and May Chang 90g


​​​This is a 100% handmade natural soap bar for washing, shampooing and shaving.

This trio of uplifting citrus scents will ready you for the day ahead or revitalise you after a hard day’s work.

This herbal combination, full of vitamin C and anti-oxidants, promotes healthy skin and can reduce hair loss.

Ideal for all skin and hair types.

Lemon is well known for its cleansing properties, may assist in improving circulation, decongesting the lymphatic system and is a diuretic.

The clean fresh scent of lime essential oil is uplifting and energising.

May Chang is very uplifting, stimulating and useful during times of fatigue, melancholy and anxiety.

Available in 90g or 60g bar sizes.



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