North Devon Soap, Bergamot and Grapefruit 90g


This is a 100% handmade natural soap bar for washing, shampooing and shaving.

Experience the sweet citrus scent of bergamot intertwined with the sparkling tang of pink grapefruit all in one fantastic bar.

Clean, refreshing and uplifting; this bar soap cleanses with a rich, gentle lather, creating a  calming and harmonising effect on tired skin. Ideal for oily hair and skin.

What best describes the essential oils used in this soap?

Bergamot offers a bright citrusy scent with a warm floral quality. Known for lifting spirits, boosting immunity and reducing stress.

Grapefruit offers a fresh, sweet and citrus smell. Known for being a good pick-me-up with a positive effect on the mind and helpful to sufferers of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Available in 90g or 60g bar sizes.



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