Iron and Velvet Plastic Free Cleaning Products, Non Anti Bacterial


Iron and Velvet is a 100% plastic free range of cleaning products. Water-soluble refill sachets which can be used in any existing trigger spray you may have at home eliminating single use bottles, or if you prefer you could use another container to avoid the use of plastic altogether!

They are so simple to use, pop a pouch in a bottle of 500ml warm water and shake until dissolved.

In this set you will receive,

Oven Cleaner with a powerful combination of cleaning agents this Oven Cleaner has been designed for those tough, burnt on fats.

Bathroom Cleaner, Orange and Ginger For removal of soap marks, limescale build up and water marks you want a multi-purpose product which can handle a range of bathroom problems this Multisurface Cleanser is just that, a versatile product which will leave your bathroom sparkling.

Kitchen Cleaner, Coconut and Lime a unique formula this Surface Cleaner was created specifically to tackle soils found in the kitchen; fats, oils and greases are broken down and simply wiped away to leave your kitchens hard surfaces shining clean.

Glass and Mirror Cleaner, Apple and Mint  looking for smear free clean windows and mirrors in the home you need a quality product.
Simply spray a small amount onto the surface and wipe with a clean cloth, then use a second dry microfibre cloth for a streak free sparkle.

Floor Cleaner, Sandalwood suitable for use on all water resistant hard floors, this floor cleaner is highly concentrated for easy dilution and will lift dust, dirt and food splatters off the surface it won’t leave behind any residue meaning after drying there will be no additional slip hazards.





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