Well, it’s been a long winter again, not as long as last year!! But finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel and on the 12th April we will be opening albeit with restrictions.

So we can open up, but only if you have your own facilities, what does that mean?

Well, you have to have your own toilet and shower and your own cooking facilities, easy peasy if you have a caravan or a motorhome, not so easy for your guys in tents, ah but it is, if you are brave enough, all you need is a porta potti, a toilet tent and a solar shower, I would also advise a small paddling pool for you to stand in whilst you are showering otherwise you are just standing in mud!!!

We will have the chemical disposal point open, but please for those using wooden shavings, compost, cat litter, do not flush this down the chemical disposal point, it blocks the system, you need to bag that stuff and bin it!

All the water taps will be available to use because they are all outside in the fresh air!

The shop will be open, the takeaway won’t be open until the end of May, the chef needs a holiday! But in the shop, we will have all the goodies you need, fresh milk, bread, bacon, cheese all the alcohol and all the chocolate, because that is all you need on holiday!

We look forward to seeing all the old faces and the new.