Corona Virus Update










What are we doing?




The site is closed November 1st and re opening March 2021, we are still taking bookings for 2021.




During 2020 we limited our pitches from 250 down to 60, as we felt that this was the safest option for our campers and for us, we will be keeping this throughout 2021.


We learnt a lot through 2020 and we keep all those measures in place for our campers, however things are changing all the time and if you see something that we should be doing and aren’t then please let us know.


*We are only allowing 60 pitches on site that we can take to ensure that we have social distancing measures in place, so if you want to stay with us book early, for those that have camped with us before you know that we have lots of space so there will be no problem with choosing a spot (non electric pitches) that is far away from others.


*We will only be taking pre booked pitches, we will not allow anyone on site that has not pre booked via our website and no day visitors.


*Check in, prior to arrival, I will email you with your pitching requirements, so that you can head to your pitch without having to book in.


*Our shop is quite small, which is why we are emailing the details of check in to you, and we will only be allowing two people in the shop at one time, contactless payments only, no cash, however on our website you will be able to order general groceries, bread, milk etc that we will deliver to your pitch. please check the groceries page for opening hours.


Also  for more plastic free products.


And  for all camping needs, tent pegs, water carriers, cool bags and more.


*Anti-bacterial hand wash and hand sanitiser is in all of our toilets and shower blocks, we will be propping the main doors open, so the only door you have to touch is the cubicle that you are going in.


*Staff have access to 99% antibacterial hand sanitiser and will be used regularly along with hand washing.


*Glamping facilities, pods, caravan and cottage are cleaned to an extremely high standard with antibacterial cleaner and there will be 24 hours between each let, we are also asking that you bring your own bedding for yours and our safety, this will include your sheets, pillows, duvets, towels etc.


The Campsite


Once you are here we will be asking you to stick to government guidelines no more than 6 in a group, staying at least 1m apart from anyone that is not part of your pitch, I know that some of you will want to have a camping trip with friends and family, and this is fine, but you will stay need to maintain the 1m distancing guidelines.


*We suggest that you bring your own antibacterial gel, cleaning products, and use your common sense.


 *We will not be placing out our normal picnic benches.


*We have put up barriers to the entrance of the main camping field, Laurel and to the car park, for your safety as well as ours these will be locked between the hours of 10.30pm and 7.30am.


*The play area will be opened, it is your responsibility on how your children play or if your children play on here, we can only advise that they sanitize their hands before and after to minimize contamination.


*We have always been vigilant regarding cleanliness and can guarantee our campers that all accommodation is cleaned to the highest standard between every guest stay with bacteria-killing chemicals. The public areas are cleaned with antibacterial cleaner. We have always offered hand soap in dispensers in the toilet blocks.


We will try our best to keep updated on all the guidelines, but as you will see they are changing all the time, so as they change we have to change, if you have booked and we end up going into lockdown I will email all bookings with full information of what to do and how to progress.
































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